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Welcome to the Elven-Ring Forge -
unique hand- and laser-engraved elven-rings

Ideal as a gift for a loved human, elf or any other unique being -
as a sign of love, for engagement, for parting, as a souvenir,
or in a double pack as partner, friendship or even wedding rings:

An individually engraved ring made of  gold, silver or stainless steel with an individual Elvish inscription


Our advice

Our advice


The Elvish inscriptions on the outside of the rings can be designed according to your individual wishes and ideas.

In addition, names and dates can be engraved inside.

For more details see Information on Elven-rings


Each ring is manually or laser-engraved with your individual inscription, making it a unique piece.

Elven-rings are often ordered as presents, and as partner rings for an anniversary, engagement or even wedding.


Together with a possible personalization and our personal care, the elven rings are an extraordinary and personal gift for loved ones on special occasions.

Feel free to contact us if you have any additional ideas of your own! We will be pleased to find a solution!